Jadé Fadojutimi is a composer of colour, space and environments. Movement informs her artistic practice, enabling her paintings to be conducted through the orchestrating of her studio space. 


Emotions and pigments are equally in flux in her work, and together they convey a deeper sense of self through vivid brush strokes and countless colours. The sensation of fluctuating feelings is expressed in her energetic brushstrokes, where the colours reveal a search for self-knowledge.


Fadojutimi refers to her paintings, often monumental in scale, as “emotional landscapes” in which she questions everyday experiences, memories and self-knowledge. Her interrogation of the relationship between herself and her surroundings is simultaneously a feast for the eye and an act of resistance. These vibrant explorations of feelings, struggles and perspectives on canvas remain ambiguous, similar to her motifs that dissolve into an ocean of form.


Yet Fadojutimi often draws inspiration from specific objects, places and sounds. These sources of inspiration not only represent shapes and colours; they also serve as vessels for reflection. Her fascination with anime, Japanese subcultures, clothing and soundtracks is visible in her studio space in South London, which is filled with objects and sounds that Fadojutimi reorchestrates whenever it’s time to paint again.